To attain great health it is considered that there has to be a positive interaction of three key element; biological factors, psychological factors and social factors. With regards to each factor it is keen to demonstrate the element that influences each how each plays an important role in the pursuit of great health. 

Biological factors would be dictated by infectious agents, environmental toxins, genetic predisposition, poor nutrition, physical trauma, and immune response. When these deviate from the norm and the mechanism of constant repair and maintenance is overwhelmed, then the physical manifestation of illness will appear. 

The realm of psychological factor is for most within the scientific community a delicate matter and is very difficult to identify the subtle changes that might provoke poor health. The principles of this factor is based on, stress level, coping mechanism, personality traits, health related habits, lack of self-control, emotional turmoil and negative reaction to illness just to name a few. 

Indeed, in recent times during various lockdown period of the current pandemic, it is more evident that the social or socio-cultural factor behaves like a strong cohesive bond which keeps all the pillars bastion of great health formidable. The main ingredients for are, social support, health education, pollution control, sanitation, exercise and last but not least medical care.